Dry Cleaning and Washing

step by step:

1. examine and sort

2. pre-spotting stains by hand

3. wash or dry clean

4. iron

5. check and repeat if necessary

Shirt service



take a break

we care about them.

....only ironing possible

discount over 5 pcs.


Wash & Fold

Is suitable for tourists, people in hurrry...

we can as quick as possible do your laundry. the linen is washed separately by colour, dried and folded/ arranged in a packet to a minimum size.

Tablecloths, Curtains...

Neverending story. When you finish, you find out that it is crunchy again, and the dust couught up, too. And these stains are smiling at you - don't throw through window, we can make an agreement. We have got some remedies for such cases. 

Wedding gowns and clothes with historic value

Your beloved wedding dress and other festive clothing, costumes can be stored for longer time after thoroughly cleaned to stay a precious memory and inheritance .

Tapestry, fur...

DUst, dirt, soil, tiny sand, dust mites, you don't see all, but they are silent destroyers.

Vacuuming helps, but dry cleaning or washing feels better. And , colours revive, smells are neutralised...


Sometimes something gets scraped, dissipated, button falls, wears out, gets too big or short ...  we can help in many cases, and your beloved piece will revive.


Coming soon...

Pick-up and delivery
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